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Yuval Yifrach's Homepage

I am a PhD student at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - under the supervision of Prof. Uri Shapira.

I am interested in manifestations of Ergodic Theory and Homogenous Dynamics in Number Theory. Here is my CV.

My research statement is available upon request.

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Teaching Experience

  • Complex Analysis, Spring 2023

  • Set Theory, Spring 2022

  • Real Analysis, Winter 2021

  • Complex Analysis, Spring 2020

  • Calculus 2, Winter 2020

Research Interests

My research field is Ergodic theory, dynamical systems and homogeneous dynamics with applications to number theory. I typically apply dynamical tools, often related to hyperbolic geometry to deduce results in Diophantine approximation and in algebraic number theory. Most of my works are related to number fields and to dynamical objects which arise from them. Often, there is a symbiosis between understanding properties of these number fields and properties of certain dynamical systems.

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